A Storm on the Horizon

When a storm is coming, many people can literally feel it in their bones — that is, an old injury will begin to ache. This is thought to be due to a shift in the barometric pressure, that allows certain people to predict the impending weather with surprising accuracy. So too, those of us who have lived a number of years on this earth can sense that there is another kind of storm coming; we can feel it in our bones.

Out of control spending by legislators, vitriolic political exchanges, an unstable economy, and breakdown of society on different fronts have left many of us with a kind of feeling in our bones that something is on the horizon.

If there was a national or even a local emergency, would you and your family be prepared? I recently came across a prepper store called The Survival Prep Store, and I have to tell you, I honestly wouldn’t have the means for my family and me to survive even a week if there was a disaster.

As economic uncertainty and other ills loom, a major societal breakdown or catastrophic event at some point seems almost unavoidable. What happens in the coming years, or even months is unpredictable.

There is any number of things that can happen, from a pandemic to a complete economic collapse. What we all seem to sense, however, is that we cannot keep going on the way we have been; that there is going to be a day of reckoning.

I recall the time a tree branch fell on a power line knocking out power in our neighborhood for several weeks. The loss of basic necessities became quite harrowing: no running water, refrigeration, lights, stove, washer or dryer, and no heat. We bought a generator, but those days without the basic necessities of life left an indelible impression on me.

If there was a catastrophic event and the food supply was interrupted, we’d see massive food shortages. We’ve seen throughout history that people tend to become less civilized, and even outright barbaric to one another when a crisis hits. In a worst-case scenario, and people become desperate, it makes sense to prepare ahead of time so that you’re not left fighting over what few resources are left.

I’ve read accounts of people who have been in areas where a catastrophe has occurred. The masses panic and resort to the law of fang and claw when food shortages hit. Even if nothing major happens on a national level, it can still happen on a local level. A teacher in school once told us to put aside small savings for a rainy day. That little nugget of wisdom proved to be a valuable piece of advice for when an unexpected major appliance or car repair hit us. So too, it makes good sense to set aside some food for a rainy day. You might need it sooner than you think.

Just my thoughts

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Kerri R

Kerri R

Just my thoughts

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